Rebekah Johnson, Numeracle

Founder and CEO

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Speaker Session:  STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Panel

Founder and CEO of Numeracle, Rebekah Johnson is the industry’s leading expert in returning trust to omnichannel communications through the establishment of Verified Identity™. With over ten years of regulatory government and compliance experience, businesses have leaned on Rebekah’s expertise to guide them through the evolving complexities of maintaining trust in a changing ecosystem.

By joining together with service providers, analytics companies, device manufacturers, and communications platform providers, Rebekah and the Numeracle team have enabled hundreds of legal entities to remain connected to their patients, members, prospects, and clients, spanning the healthcare, commercial, utility, education, and financial industries.

Prior to founding Numeracle, Rebekah served on the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force on behalf of the Empowering Consumer Choice Working Group. She is an active member of the FCC Hospital Robocall Protection Group, Chair of the Enterprise Communications Advocacy Coalition, and also represents the voice of the enterprise through her leadership on the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force, co-author of the SHAKEN standards.