Michael Lamm, Corporate Advisory Solutions

Managing Partner

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Speaking Session: M&A in the Contact Center Industry - Post-COVID-19

Michael Lamm co-founded the U.S.-Israel Business Exchange (US-IBEX) in Washington, DC, when he was a college student. This public/private initiative, whose network grew to over 3,000 businesses, was established out of the Embassy of Israel to accelerate the market entry and facilitate financing of Israeli technology companies in the U.S. Through this early experience, Michael’s desire to acquire the tools and knowledge necessary in dedicating his career to helping business owners and management teams achieve their goals was confirmed. Today, he is a founding partner of Corporate Advisory Solutions (CAS), a merchant bank with offices in Philadelphia and Washington, DC that supports a select group of clients.

Just as Michael co-founded the US-IBEX due to deeply held conviction regarding his client companies, he brings the same level of commitment to his clients at CAS. From the firm’s earliest days, all efforts have been directed toward companies from the Tech-Enabled Outsourced Business Services sector, with focus on Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Specialty Finance companies. While driven by a strong belief regarding the importance of this business sector to the U.S. economy, this level of specialization has also served to help Michael build up a superior skillset as an advisor to companies in this sector.

Michael and his deal team have successfully completed nearly 50 M&A transactions since its founding in 2013. As a Managing Partner at CAS, Michael oversees and executes on M&A engagements, investment opportunities, compliance/regulatory assessments, valuation, expert witness litigation matters while also charting the firm’s corporate direction and strategic growth plan.

Prior to co-founding CAS, Michael served as a Director at Kaulkin Ginsberg, an M&A firm specializing in the ARM industry for over 10 years, where he executed on over 70 M&A transactions.

Michael was awarded a degree in international studies by American University.