Karl Koster, Noble Systems

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel

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Mr. Karl Koster is the chief intellectual property counsel for Noble Systems Corporation, a worldwide provider of call center software solutions. He is responsible for overseeing Noble Systems' patent development program and aligning it with Noble Systems' strategic technology development. He also oversees trademark and copyright issues for Noble Systems.

Mr. Koster has aided various companies in protecting their innovative developments via patent protection in addition to counseling them in the strategic value of patent development and licensing. Mr. Koster has also supported the defense of companies in patent litigation from "non-practicing patent entities" ("trolls"). Mr. Koster is himself a prolific inventor, and is adept at identifying and developing intellectual property working both with established and startup technology companies. He has worked with a variety of clients, including: telecommunications providers, video processing equipment manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers, financial services companies, and other electronic manufacturers.