Stephanie Millner, Teleperformance

Global Customer Experience & Strategy Executive

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Stephanie Millner, Global Customer Experience & Strategy Executive, Teleperformance, is committed to the importance of knowing your customer! As the demands of the customer evolves, she recognizes the value of speaking to them in the channel of their choice. Further, doing so with a consistent brand voice. The customer, as with any relationship, remains loyal to those who know them and make them feel valued. Stephanie has maintained this perspective throughout her 20+ year career in BPO in roles across operations, client services, consulting and business development. She has worked with four of the five top banks in the world, many of your favorite retail brands and favorite technology toys. Stephanie is committed to the mission of sharing industry best practices, empowering those who serve your customer and building customer trust. Her coffee order is a caramel latte with coconut milk, hold the calories AND she loves any ice-cream that includes the word chocolate.