Dean Garfinkel, Quality Voice & Data


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Speaker Session:  STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Panel

Dean Garfinkel is the President of Quality Voice & Data, an Authorized Shaken Service Provider. In addition Mr. Garfinkel is the COO of Quality Contact Solutions and President of TextBetter, Inc. Well-known within the telecommunications and teleservices industries, Garfinkel has more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of technologies, including TDM, SS7, VoIP, WIFI and Wireless, and specializes in value-added solution development. Garfinkel invented TeleBlock® (Patent Number – 6,330,317), a patented SS7 based call routing system, which has become a national telecom standard and is sold by telecom giants like AT&T & Verizon. Garfinkel also invented TextBetter® (Patent Number – 10,484,535), a service for the text enablement of landline phone numbers. He is a leading expert on telecommunications and compliance, and is a regular speaker within the industry circuit. Mr. Garfinkel is a past National Board of Director and Treasurer of Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE).