Dan Plashkes, S&P Data


Speaking Session: What Have We Learned from the Migration to Work from Home?

Dan Plashkes is a serial tech entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded 7 startups. 5 of the startups have had some form of an institutional funding, including venture capital and private equity. In each of these companies, Dan served as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dan is currently active in 2 private companies. He is one of the founders and chairperson of OwnerBox, a Weekly Sports Fantasy platform - though early stage the company has raised about $2m US DOLLAR and recently had NFL Quarterback Drew Brees invest - a very hot space, the company is go live with the start of the NFL with very exciting prospects.

Dan’s current business is called S&P Data. S&P Data is the largest independent BPO/Call Center with significant revenue/ebita and keen to stay in the loop of the post COVID-19 world, thru the deployment of Work From Anywhere , new technology and new segments such as telemedicine. Dan and his team bring innovative solutions to discover new opportunities as they learn and deliver for their clients an ecosystem for the mutual benefit. S&P Data is held tightly by Dan and two partners.

On a personal note, Dan has won a few awards - Direct Marketing for his work on Mercedes Benz and American Express, top telephoto, top achievement awards from his Business School and other entrepreneurial growth awards sponsored by leading accounting firms.